Compliments can be a bit awkward, they can feel a bit embarrassing to receive or we might feel a bit a shy in telling people the things we really love or admire about them. Deep down though, it’s lovely to know all the positive things people think about us, or to share kind words with others.

In a world of online trolls and where the kindness of strangers can get a little lost in the sea of upsetting news headlines, and the chaos day to day life, an uplifting comment or a note of praise can go a long way!

With that in mind I created this little tear sheet, a small rainbow of positivity to brighten up the day of your friends and colleagues and maybe even some strangers too.

Stick them up anywhere people will see them and take the compliment you need to hear - or tear off a little strip to pass on to someone else.

You have my full permission to save, print and distribute these! Upload your photos online with #stacieswiftcompliments and share the positive vibes there too :)

Download your free A4 sheet here.
(You’ll need to cut along the lines between each compliment to make them tearable!)


The Little Things Are The Big Things


You’ll know if you’ve seen my Instagram posts this week that it’s been a bit of a rough ride. 

Sometimes life throws more our way than we are prepared to handle; it catches us out and leaves us overwhelmed, depleted and bruised. 

These past few days I’ve been implementing all the emergency self-care I can muster to counteract this particularly shit time.

I bought myself flowers. Stopped trying to do it all. Took time away. Had a good cry. Talked through my feelings. Rested. Got my hair done. Read a new magazine. Watched some crap tv...

The whole hog.

But I’ve also been trying to really focus on the small pleasures that make me happy. 

Being mindful of the moments of joy that add up to a bigger feeling of well being.

Hot coffee. Clean sheets. Kisses goodbye. Matilda’s dramatic monologues. Chocolate. Arthur’s bedtime snuggles. Notes on the mirror. Good friends. Clear night skies. Messages from family. Nicely wrapped gifts. Our first dance song. My mum’s hugs. Watching my children play together. Books that make me cry. Park strolls. New drawings.

The little everyday antidotes to the hard times. The ones that make your heart fuller.

The big things.

What would be on your list?